Friends of Marland's Grand Home

Friends of Marland's Grand Home is a non-profit, 501-C3 organization dedicated to the best interests of Marland's Grand Home.



The Marland Grand Home was the first mansion-style home of E. W. Marland and his family in Ponca City, Oklahoma. It is now is an Historic House Museum. It is the vision of the FMGH to help maintain the location in a proper and respectful way to continue its original condition with historic appropriateness and to help maintain and develop the quality of the exhibits within.


  1. To maintain and preserve the Marland Grand Home through appropriate historic restoration and maintenance.
  2. To respect and emulate the original residence in building maintenance, repairs, modifications and additions.
  3. To help to make the facility economically viable and self-sustaining to the maximum extent possible.
  4. To maximize positive community and regional benefits through the development of related education and cultural activities.
  5. To preserve and promote the artifacts which the home contains.
  6. To interpret the home's history as a historic house museum depicting the lifestyle of E.W. Marland and his family from 1916 to 1928.

Marland's Grand Home is a department of the City of Ponca City. The 1916 home was purchased by the city in 1968 and became the Ponca City Cultural Center and Indian Museum. In 1997, the Friends of the Cultural Center Foundation, Inc. was founded in order to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of the home and its collections. The name of the facility was changed in 2000 to better reflect the vision of the historic house museum.


To become a member of Friends of Marland's Grand Home, simply pick the level of membership you prefer:

Land Seekers $25.00 Mail membership fee to:

Friends of MGH
c/o Marland Grand Home
1000 E. Grand Ave.
Ponca City, OK 74601
Claim Stakers $100.00
Sod Busters $250.00
Homesteaders $500.00
Builders $1,000.00
All levels are tax deductible and includes an updated newsletter.