A History of Marland’s Grand Home - 2010

History of Marland’s Home Home 2010 to Present - Part1

Editor’s Note: This is the 11th in a series of 12 monthly articles on Marland’s Grand Home. Some, but not all, of the information was taken from past articles by The Ponca City News.

In 2011, the large 8 x 16 foot “Fox Hunt” oil painting was restored through the generosity of a $20,000.00 gift from the Myra Hendricks Schultz estate. Carmen F. Bria Jr., the Chief Art Conservator for the Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts in Denver, Colorado performed the work. The painting was created by artist Randall Davey from New Jersey around 1927. After E.W. Marland’s death in 1941, the art work became the property of Lydie Marland, his second wife. It was loaned to the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, now named the Cowboy and Western Heritage Center. Lydie gave permission for the painting to be brought back to Ponca City and hung at Marland’s Grand Home after the site was purchased by the City of Ponca City.

Several other restorations took place at the home, including the attached garage doors, front porch planter boxes, screened in back porch, as well as the addition of attic insulation.

The main level floors and stair treads were also refinished with help from the Friends of Marland’s Grand Home.




Exhibit Additions

A large framed panorama of the 101 Ranch was hung in the west basement room with help from the 101 Old Timers Association and Senator David Meyers.

The room houses 101 memorabilia, the original Marland bar, a pocket billiard’s table, and fireplace.

With help from the Pioneer Woman Museum, the site received an original desk of E.W. Marland from the Oklahoma Historical Society. The desk was used in the state capitol building between 1935 and 1938, when E.W. Marland served as Governor of Oklahoma.

Another important gift was received from former Mayor James McNeese. It was an 18 inch bronze of the Pioneer Woman Statue by Bryant Baker, one of only four cast in Italy. The statue resides in the entryway of the home and matches the larger 17-foot bronze erected in 1930 in Ponca City.

The DAR organization received an $18,000.00 grant from their parent organization to create a large ornate oak display cabinet for their museum space. This lighted cabinet now holds fine china and other memorabilia with locked storage below.


Past Perfect

Past Perfect, a computer inventory program used to catalog and itemize artifacts, was purchased with funding by the Friends of Marland’s Grand Home, and it continues to be used today. Marland’s Grand Home has artifacts representing the Great Plains, Southwest and Northwest tribes, the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show, Marland family members, and the Marland Oil Company along with other period items.




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