Historic Photos

Visual History

Marland's Grand Home is located at 1000 E. Grand Ave. in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Built in 1914-1916, it once included not only the large home and a carriage house, but alos four square blocks of extensive formal gardens to the east. In addition, a nine-hole golf course was built by E.W. Marland across street to the north for the citizens of the community to use.

Ariel view of Marland's Grand Home showing the golf course and gardens.
Center walk way of the Marland Gardens looking west.
East end of the Marland Gardens. Building in the background is the greenhouse.
Looking east from the Marland's Grand Home at main walkway.
One of the many gardeners who helped maintain the gardens and golf course.
Inez Tingley and Nelda Castator sitting on the edge of one of the garden pools with the greenhouse in the background.
Gardener standing in front of the greenhouse.
Shelter house located on the golf course.
Golf course showing water hazard with bridge and shelter house.
Golf course water hazard.
Gazebo and garden spot on south side of mansion. Bird house was of great interest to the passersby.
Gazebo in the gardens.
Looking south from golf course with Marland's Grand Home in the background.
Grand Avenue and Fourteenth Street, taken from Fourteenth Street intersection looking west.
Private drive to the Marland's Grand Home, originally entered from Grand Avenue.
Grand Avenue looking east. Shrubs were Mr. Marland's favorites. Home is on right side.
Looking west toward the Marland's Grand Home from the center walkway of the gardens.
North walkway of the Marland's Gardens.
Marland's Grand Home as it looked when the Marland's lived in it.
Looking east from the Marland's Grand Home. Greenhouse is in background and the Cann Home is visible on the left side of greenhouse.
Looking west from Fourteenth Street towards the Marland's Grand Home.
Ariel view of the Marland's Gardens.
Marland's Grand Home under construction.
Looking west from the base of the terrace steps.
Bird bath from the Marland Garden's now sits on south side of home. Presented by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Nelda Castator at the Marland Gardens.
Marland's Grand Home as it looks today.