LOOK and LEARN SERIES Scavenger Hunts

The 101 Ranch & Wild West Show   The American Indian   The Marland Family & Marland Oil
The LOOK and LEARN series of scavenger hunts at the Marland Grand Home features items from three of our most prominent exhibit areas: The American Indian of the Plains Tribes, the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show and the Marland Family of Marland Oil. As you tour the site, LOOK for artifacts and exhibit items relating to these three groups and LEARN important facts about their meaning in days gone by…

The above Scavenger Hunt's are available for student groups or adult tours.

Answers available at the Marland Grand Home site on request.

Mary Virginia’s Trunk


Mary Virginia’s Trunk is an educational program that highlights and informs a group about interesting items used in the 1920s.

Contents include women’s and men’s personal items and some household kitchen items. The presentation is given in show-n-tell fashion as Mary Virginia Marland takes each item one by one out of her truck and asks the audience to “guess” what each item is and how it was used. A lively discussion then follows with factual information on the rest of the story.....

The presentation can be viewed by school groups, civic groups or other tour groups as available in house or on the road. To schedule “Mary Virginia’s Trunk” call the Marland Grand Home at 580-767-0427.