Historic Reenactments

Where History Comes Alive!

As a larger tour group, plan your visit to include an historical reenactment showcasing members of the Marland family and/or their friends, the Miller Family of the 101 Ranch.

Contact the MGH office at 580-767-0427 for availability.

Mary Virginia Marland, circa 1920
Mary Virginia Marland was a social leader in the community and was loved by many. She can open her magic traveling trunk to revel artifacts from the 1920s used in the home for a fun show-in-tell of sorts. Accompany Mary Virginia around the home as she describes the life and times of E.W. and Mary Virginia Marland and their adopted niece and nephew, Lydie and George Marland. 
Molly Miller and Joe Miller, circa 1920
The Miller Brothers were famous entertainers and ranchers in the early 1900s living just southwest of Ponca City. They traveled with the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West Show with their own equally famous 101 Ranch Wild West Show. This colorful pair, Joe Miller and mother Mollie, will share stories of the largest diversified farm and ranch in the United States, a city unto itself for the time.
EW and Lydie Marland, circa 1928 
E.W. Marland and second wife, Lydie Marland, will regale you with stories of  how Marland Oil came into power and what life was like in Ponca City in the 1920s during the oil boom era when Polo and Fox Hunting were popular pastimes. Share in their adventure from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma, from first wife Mary Virginia Collins Marland to second wife(and adopted niece) Lydie Roberts Marland.